How Often Do You Wear Makeup on Places Other Than Your Face (Arms, Legs or Other Parts of Your Body)?

Don’t mind me.

At the beach last weekend I saw all these people wearing swimsuits and showing off skin, and that got me thinking about wearing makeup on places other than your face.

I know celebs often wear makeup on their arms, legs, necks, backs and even feet (!) for red carpet events, but how often do us mere mortals wear body makeup?

Do you ever wear foundation on your legs or limbs to the beach or pool? Or do you wear body makeup on a daily basis, like, for covering a tattoo for work?

I’m curious to know if it’s more common then I think it is, since body makeup is a rare thing for me. I’ve only worn it once or twice for Halloween, which is what’s going on in this picture from a few years ago. I dressed up as a fall wood fairy, so I buffed a cream bronzer on my arms, neck and hands to make it seem like I’d been roaming around the dirt in the forest.

Was it successful? Dunno. I could’ve been dirtier, LOL! It was fun to experiment, though.

Sometimes, if I’m taking pics for MBB and I’m wearing an off-the-shoulder top or if my hair is up, I’ll wear foundation and/or bronzer on my neck, chest and ears to even everything out so my skin appears consistent on camera from the chest on up, but ya know… It’s not something I’d bother with if I was just chillin’ on a Tuesday.

How often do you do wear body makeup?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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