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We’ve all been in those difficult situations that make our life intolerable. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing lifehacks that will completely change your life. Whether you are doing some handy work around your house and you are looking for a quick and effective way to do it, or you are trying to fix items you are using every day, this video is for you. We share with you some amazing hacks you can do on your eyeglasses to prevent them from fogging up as well as a creative way to make your own artistic door stopper using an old acrylic tube and some hot glue.

– You can prevent your eyeglasses from fogging up by rubbing a bar of soap on the lenses. This will create a protective layer on top that will prevent any heat or steam from penetrating through.

– You can also fix a pair of glasses that keeps sliding off by adding two rubber bands on each side of the temple. This will make the temples anti-slippery and prevent them from moving while you are doing different types of work.

– If you have an old acrylic tube laying around that only has a little paint left, we show you a cool way to turn it into a door stopper. You simply squeeze all the paint out and then you add some hot glue on top to make it look like some paint got squeezed out. Then, you paint the glue with the remaining of the paint and voila.

– If you like pranking your friends at school, we have a series of little pranks you can do in class that will give you all a laugh. These are great to do in class and harmless and they are little tricks that you can try even during a lesson.

– In this video, we show you some brilliant bedding hacks that you probably didn’t know and you need to learn. For example, you can use a fan and a quilt cover in order to build your own air-conditioned tend on a hot summer’s day. We also show you how to fold your sheets and keep them organized super easy without needing help from anyone.

Watch our whole video to discover many more amazing life hacks that you’ll love. For example, we show you some cool way to make your own blanket using old t-shirts. We also show you some brilliant hacks with newspapers – this way you can both re-use them and turn them into something completely new.

0:06 – Cool hacks for your eyeglasses
0:31 – How to see without eyeglasses
1:34 – Anti-fog glasses
2:21 – Cool household hacks
3:10 – Genius toilet paper hack
3:32 – DIY door stopper
4:46 – Funny school pranks
6:06 – Brilliant corn trick
7:13 – DIY air-conditioned tend
8:18 – Cute fleece blanket
9:44 – DIY t-shirt blanket
10:37 – Swan towel decoration
11:00 – How to save a wet book
11:23 – Disposable planting pots
12:25 – Newspaper rose origami
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