​How to upgrade your wardrobe on a budget

Having beautiful clothes that the current fashion trends are something that all of us strive for, however, because fashion keeps circling around, it is getting harder and harder to keep up and sometimes we end up throwing away clothes that no longer fit or are in fashion anymore. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing clothing hacks you can try in order to upgrade your wardrobe and improve your style!

If you have a pair of boring skin-colored tights that you feel like no longer suit your style or your personality we show you cool ways to decorate them using a sharpie. Simply go online and pick your favorite shapes you feel will match the tights and then trace them through a straight glass vase just as we show you in the video. You can create little stars, love hearts or even kittens

Having a well-organized closet is our dream, it might seem simple but it is extremely hard for all your clothes nicely folded in your closet. So in this video, we also show you a cool and super fast way to fold your clothes within seconds. This way you’ll be able to fold your clothes super fast and you won’t have to re-think about organizing your closet ever again.

For those of you who love abstract and floral art, we show you a really cool way to decorate your plain t-shirts using calligraphy ink and a string. You simply dip your string in the colored ink you prefer and then you add one piece of paper on top. Then you press it down on your shirt using a heavy book and then you pull it downwards. This will create a beautiful floret illustration that it will make it look like it was store bought!

Watch our whole video to find out much more clothing hacks we have for you that you will absolutely love. We show you cool ways to repurpose old clothes and turn them into brand new ones that you can wear on formal occasions.

1:07 – DIY fun tights
2:20 – Clothes folding hack
3:12 – How to pack your clothes
4:00 – Easy t-shirt decorations
6:13 – Lace jeans stamp
7:12 – DIY skirt
8:14 – Fashionable torn leggings
9:01 – DIY crop top
10:04 – Bathroom towel hack
12:35 – Beautiful girls shirt
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