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We all make small mistakes when we go out in public. Sometimes we don’t know which is the best way to behave when we go out to dinner or on certain formal occasions. Sometimes we might be on our phone for too long without even intending to or even realizing it, some other times we might go out to dinner and because it is a formal occasion we don’t know the lady-like way things should be done. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you the correct way aka Savoir Vivre method to behave in order to improve your image!

When we go out for coffee or tea, what we normally do is dip our teabag in the hot water in and out in order to help it brew, however, the correct way to do it keeps it in the water for 2-3 minutes and press it with our spoon in order to help it brew. Then, you have to remove the tea bag in order to prevent your tea from becoming bitter and then drink it!

Spaghetti is such a delicious meal for all of us, however eating it can be messy especially when you are out for dinner at a restaurant. So, we show you the correct way to eat spaghetti to prevent from creating a mess on your clothes or the sauce dripping out. When you rotate the spaghetti on your fork, use a spoon to keep it in place with your other hand and voila!

Since wine is such an elegant drink that accompanies the food, drinking it should be done correctly. Don’t overfill your wine glass with wine and then start drinking it. Instead, fill 1/3 of the glass, let it breathe for a while and then drink it. This will improve the taste of the wine and it will help you drink moderately while eating.

If you are going for a job interview first impressions matter the most, so you have to watch out for every little detail. It is best if you bring with you a small bag instead of a big handbag with you, and if you do end up having to bring a handbag to make sure you keep it under the table with your phone placed in the handbag. This will make you appear more considered with good manners.

Watch our whole video, to discover all the things you might be doing wrong and correct them. In addition, we show you the best ways to behave both at the dinner table or at a job meeting or interview that will help you give out the best first impressions.

0:50 – The correct way to sit
1:34 – How to cut your steak
2:12 – How to drink champagne
3:04 – Where to position the drink and bread on the table
3:52 – Things you are doing wrong in your everyday life
6:11 – The correct way to break up
7:10 – Who has priority at the door
8:18 – Cool sugar hacks
9:40 – Hacks with baking soda
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