Brilliant cleaning tips for your house

Not everyone likes cleaning, but all of us sure like a clean and organized house. We love it when everything is organized and in order and it helps us to be more inspired. Besides, a cluttered environment isn’t helpful to a cluttered mind. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some brilliant cleaning tips and hacks that will turn your messy house into an organized cozy home where you can enjoy your time in and feel inspired all the time.

If you’ve just dug out an old painting and it is filled with dust, we show you a cool way to bring it back to life without destroying the paint itself. Simply take a slice of potato and run it through the whole painting. The potato will absorb all the dirt and give the top coating varnish a glowy look.

We also show you a cool way to create your own sponge which dispenses washing up liquid without you having to constantly add washing-up liquid on your sponge.

Have you finished doing your makeup but your makeup sponge looks way too dirty to wash? All of us have been in that situation, so we found the best way for you to clean your beauty blender that will literally take you a few minutes. Simply half fill a glass with water and then add some washing-up liquid. Then put your beauty blender in the glass and place it in the microwave for 1 minute. You’ll see that all the foundation and makeup will be completely removed.

Are you tired of someone leaving the toilet seat up? In this video, we show you a simple way to create your own toilet seat automated system where the toilet seat will sense your movement and go back in place on its own.

We also show you a brilliant way to remove dirt from your couch by trying out our little hack. Simply wear a latex glove and then dip it in some water. Then, go around the couch with the latex glove and you’ll see that all the fluff and hair will get stuck on the glove. This way, it will be much easier for you to clean it.

Watch our whole video to discover many more brilliant household cleaning hacks that will turn your time cleaning to your favorite time of the week.

0:07 – How to clean an old painting
0:30 – Washing-up liquid hack
1:07 – How to clean your beauty blender
1:40 – Cleaning sponge and soap trick
2:41 – Toilet seat mechanism
3:10 – How to remove pet hair from the couch
3:29 – How to organize toys
4:33 – Sweeping hack
4:52 – DIY outdoor laundry
6:31 – How to clean your blow dryer
6:51 – How to clean your eyelash curler
8:21 – How to clean your makeup brushes
9:55 – How to clean a dirty wall
10:22 – How to fix a clogged toilet
11:37 – Fix a clogged sink
12:50 – DIY floor cleaner
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